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UWA Health Promotion Volunteer

The following photos show my experiences with the UWA Health Promotion Volunteer team. I joined the team at the begining of Semester 1, 2010. I enjoy volunteering with this team and find the activities very beneficial. Participants have been very willing to participate and enjoy the activities.

The following academic competencies were used whilst volunteering:

Discipline Knowledge
Discipline Knowledge
Communication Skills
International Perspective
Cultural Understanding
Cultural Understanding
Professional Skills
Professional Skills

The TAP Quizz

The TAP Quizz is an alcohol related quizz. Participants spin the chocolate wheel and the ball lands on a number. They answer the question associated with the number they spun. Each participant recieves a 'showbag' containing alcohol related information, and if they answer the question correctly they get a prize.

The PitStop event is a basic health check program. It is based on the concept of taking your car over the pits and getting each part checked out. The stations include: Duco (skin cancer), Exhaust (smoking), Fuel Additives (alcohol), Spark Plugs (testicular cancer) and Headlights (breast cancer),

The following photos were taken at my first volunteering experience at TAP Quizzes

Volunteer 1

volunteer 3

volunteer 7

volunteer 6

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Pit Stop Event

The following two photos were taken at a PitStop event. I was running the Duco (alcohol) station at this event but I have also had experience with the Exhaust (smoking) station.

volunteer 4 volunteer 5
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