Danelle Shaw

Patient Counselling

Assignment: To produce a video demonstrating a counselling session between a pharmacist and patient


  • The patient has never used the prescription item before and has requested a patient counselling education session with a pharmacist on collection of their prescription.
  • Formulate a suitable patient counselling session that follows the IPSF counselling check list.
  • The demonstration should be conducted as a role play exercise.
  • The prescription, medication, any relevant placebo device and Consumer Medication Information leaflet will be the only objects present during the session. Any relevant Pharmacy Self Care cards that student believes may be important may be used.
  • The student is not to refer to any notes during the demonstration
  • Time limit for the exercise is 5 minutes.

Patient Counselling Assignment   

Patient Counselling Outakes

My performace was assessed for competence using a “Communication Rubric” that has been adapted to give a final assessment score (see below).



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