Kaye Lirio

Show Reel

This show reel was created for the project in the unit Multimedia Design 291. An aspect of this unit that I found particularly interesting was the use of 3D animation for television graphics. My show reel was created using the Maya 3D rendering and animation software package. The show reel demonstrates 3D character animation, still life rendering,  architectural walkthoughs, and the animation of moving objects.

Show Real
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What did I learn?

My show reel demonstrates advanced 3D modeling, animation, and lighting techniques. These include:

  • character rigging, a technique in which 3D models are created with an underlying skeleton so that characters can be animated in a natural way, including realistic walk cycles
  • 3 point lighting, used to create realistic looking virtual environments
  • rigid body animation, used in the show reel for the iceberg explosions

show reel copyright (c) Kaye Lirio


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