Kaye Lirio

Magazine Spread

The project is a magazine spread with the headline “Commando Shoppers”.  The article focuses on shopping as well as the experience obtained from it.  It also depicts the comparison between hunting in the past and the primal thrill of bargain shopping in more recent times.  This is clearly stated on the magazine’s pull out quote which says “shopping is just a kind of watered down, expensive version of the same foraging behaviour from our past, and snaring a terrific bargain gives us the same primal thrill”.  Aside from that, it also includes the subhead: “They hunt in packs – for a store bargain; forage exclusively – for new book-club titles; and gather their girlfriends together for shopping holidays”.

Magazine Spread

The main objective of the magazine spread is to give another view of shopping as more than just a pastime.  It also creates a scene that will make the readers experience what it’s like to be a “commando shopper”. 

The main target audience is women ages 22 to 28 years old who dress up in clothes that express who they are.  They also love to shop, travel and try new experiences especially with their closest friends.  They are fun loving, free-spirited at the same time earn extra money for their leisurely activities.  

The style of the magazine spread the designer pursued is a combination of different elements relating to the subject of the article – Commando Shoppers.  These elements are coloured and patterned papers, receipts, and money. In a nutshell, the coloured and patterned papers represent the target audience and how they dress, the receipts illustrate the purchases in a bargain sale and lastly the money symbolizes the act of “shopping”. These were arranged together to create a collage used as the background while the foreground consist of the main elements – headline, subhead, pull-out quote, body copy, page heading and number.  The idea of the collage is to make the reader experience what it’s like to be a commando shopper as well as interpreting the metaphor of commando’s camouflage symbol into something that relates to women and shopping.

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