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Bling - RNB Concert Poster

This poster is for an RNB concert in a park event. The main performances are bands invited from Europe. These include: T-Bass, Vibetown, VIP, Backstreetsoul, Groove Junkies, Big Rig and the New Breed.

The main target audience are young people between 17 and 22 years old, who  listen to RNB music, like dancing and watching concerts. Their choice of outfit is the semi-formal to semi-rugged look, whose colours and styles are bold and colourful, or plans and prints.

The following inspires the style of the poster:

  • Target Audience - The VIP pass illustrates the VIP pass that the audience can avail for the event. Its textures is inspired by the target audience's plain and prints look.
  • Bling - the idea of bling is often used in RNB music,  it's appropriate for the music genre of the concert. The use of the diamonds gives the "Bling" a finishing touch and also demonstrates RNB's glamorous look.
  • Stereo Box - the Style of the VIP pass is inspired by the idea of a "black music stereo box", which is shown through the design of its edges.
  • RNB dance moves- As RNB dances are a combination of either sexy or hip-hop moves, the silhouettes in the poster have the forms that illustrate these. In addition, the vector lines are abstract representations of RNB moves.
  • Target Audience Clothes Colours - As most of the colours of the target audience for this poster are plains and prints or two-coloured, very minimal colours were used to achieve the RNB inspired/glamorous look. As for the background, it brings out the personality of characteristics of the target audience.
  • Park- The background is a vectorized picture of kings Park.
Overall, the combination of these elements aims to achieve the contemporary, trendy, youthful, interesting and distinctive look that is appropriate to the RNB music genre of a concert in the a park.

copyright (c) Kaye Lirio


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