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Consumer Protection Award - long shot
The full campaign in my paper-based portfolio.

Consumer Protection Award - close up
Logo for the campaign.

Consumer Protection Award - Merchandising


The Complete Campaign

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Consumer Protection Award

This is an example of a client-based project that I worked on during the second year of my Multimedia Design course.

It entailed creating an advertising campaign for the Department of Consumer and Employment Protection (DOCEP) and their Consumer Protection Awards 09. The brief is called the Apple Green Day campaign. 

The symbolism of eating apples for a healthy body is used to represent how DOCEP protects and maintains the rights of consumers – this is the main message of the awards.  The whole campaign uses the apple green colour as its main theme, which ties back to the concept. 

What did I learn?

In this project, I learned that communicating with the client to understand the brief and explore their design requirements is essential in order to develop an effective campaign. Moreover, I learned that a comprehensive campaign involves utilising a variety of mediums to effectively reach the target audience.

In this project, I was able to explore areas of multimedia design including:

  • graphic design
  • web site layout
  • prototyping
  • animation; and
  • the creation of banner ads.

This project gave me an opportunity to further develop the full range of skills need to work with a client on a real design problem.  This included:

  • understanding client requirements
  • researching approaches to meet client objectives
  • the development,  implementation, and refinement of the concept leading to the finished campaign.


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