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SWOT Analysis

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Earned Value Report

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Curtin Motor Sports Team
Engineering Project Management


Each year, the Curtin Motor Sports Team designs and manufactures a high performance motor vehicle for competition.


In addition to my role in the shop, I served as the Engineering Project Manager, managing a diverse interdisciplinary engineering team.


In this role, I led a series of planning workshops in which a
SWOT analysis was conducted that identified strengths and skills of the team, potential risks, and a work breakdown structure giving the significant tasks to be undertaken. Based on this, I developed a formal project plan, and used it to monitor team progress against key performance indicators.


As a result, we delivered our vehicle on-time and under budget, meeting all performance targets.

Lessons Learned

I learned that it is necessary to bring resources and people together for mutual team benefit and success, while optimising and co-ordinating individual strengths and skills.

Evidence Provided

  1. SWOT Analysis
  2. Earned Value report showing project progress over time against planned progress and actual effort



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