Danelle Shaw

Professional Network

I belong to the following professional societies and organisations. These enable me to network with others in  my discipline, and to remain current with new developments.


WAPSA: Western Australian Pharmacy Students Association

  • Members include pharmacy students from Curtin University of Western Australia, Murdoch University and the University of Western Australia
  •  Responsible for many social functions within the school, encouraging the year groups to come together


NAPSA: National Australian Pharmacy Students Association

  • Publishes the placebo magazine each quarter
  • Provides networking between the different schools of pharmacy around Australia
  • Provide the Smith+ Nephew first aid course and Blackmores' complementary medicines training
  •  Offers a variety of scholarships


Pharmaceutical Society of Australia's: Pharmacy Self Care

  • Provides training modules each month via inPHARMation- pharmacy's number 1 health promotion program
  • Provides access to Pharmacy Fact Cards





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