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As shown on the Guild Website, the Curtin Engineers Club (CEC) is an Academic Club  that "organizes many social functions every year including pub crawls, sundowners (Beers on the Lawn), end and beginning of semester bashes and the Engineers and Nurses (IGNITE) Ball. The academic side of university life is supported with the offering of seminars including interview techniques and resume writing skills. In addition, the club is involved with Careers@Curtin in creating networking opportunities with potential employers by bringing them to many of our events".

What do I contribute?

I am a team player that has served on several CEC committees, including the Membership Committee and the Publicity Committee for the Curtin Vacation and Internship Careers Fair.

What do I gain through participation?

The principal thing I gain from participation are opportunities for professional networking. Although I've only just begun third year, I've sharpened my resume writing skills as a result of CEC sponsored seminars.



My Contribution



Curtin Vacation and Internship Careers Fair

Careers Fair FlyerI served on the Publicity Committee for the Curtin Vacation and Internship Careers Fair. This committee worked on the publicity for this event, and on the recruitment of corporate sponsors.

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We met our targets for corporate sponsoraship and attendance.

I learned that a large event like this involves teamwork, planning, and coordination.  Interestingly, we were able to apply many of our engineering project management skills in the planning for this event. It is interesting to see how these skills can be leveraged in many ways!

 04/04/09  Membership Committee
 Developed strategy for recruiting new members, that included developing links amongst the various engineering disciplines and departments.
The membership drive was considered a success, resulted in 25 new members.

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