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Week 2: Things I've observed

Created 04/09/2009 at 18:13:58
Modified 07/09/2009 at 13:09:15

Week 2: Things I've observed

Give me some shade

In this picture, I observed that the cars are all parked at the side where there are trees. I guess it is because it is so hot,. They must have parked their to take advantage of  the shaded area. I have seen this before, but this is the first time that I actually realized that: "hey! not a single car is parked where there are no trees!"



As I walked passed the same old sand I used to walk on, I noticed something different this time. Unlike when I used to see the "same old sand", this time, I saw patterns on them. Maybe its the workings of the wind, or people walking on it. As you see, the sand forms waves like in the ocean. That is something really eye-catching. It was too bad that I could not get the whole view, because then the patterns would be clearer,. I hope this picture gave you a glimpse of what I mean!




As I was on the way home and passed through a group of trees, one of those that caught my eye was this one. The spot light and the trees have the same height. Did you see that before? I know I haven't! I just saw that now as I really begin looking at my surroundings. I guess iit pays to look around keenly,  and not just see things as they are.


Sun in between

The sun looks so round in this picture. Its pretty cool how it fits through the hole between the trees. The picture taken from below can really emphasize on how things look up there, and that is why I took this picture that way because the sun seems to be positioned perfectly there.

Is that a gigantic pineapple or what?

What interests me about this picture is that it is a plant, but it looks like a pineapple. Look closely, doesn't it look like a pineapple? Isn't it just amazing?


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Week 1 Reading: "The Ramble"

Created 04/09/2009 at 18:04:51

Week 1 Reading: "The Ramble"

The reading, "The Ramble" made me realize that life can be much better when lived a day at a time. I mean to say, if only we live everyday as it is and forget about the problems that tomorrow will bring, or the problems we had yesterday, then we can think well, generate more ideas and generally live a happier life more than ever.

As I was strolling back home the past few days, there were thoughts that came into my mind and these I want to share with you.

As I passed through the vast South Oval just within the campus, I thought, I wonder how it is to spend my day just lying down in here, not worrying about anything and just looking at the sky and see how beautifully made the clouds are, and how amazingly the sun got its light to shine on us everyday. Then again, I saw people walking past me, and I said to myself, "Ah, it must have been even better to have some friends join me in my relaxation here". So I continued to walk, and then I saw birds that fly, chirping, and looking for some food to eat; then I thought, maybe these birds are like humans, but only, they do not have a language common to that of ours. Maybe these birds are like humans, but only they cannot think like we do. But somehow we are alike, somehow we are interrelated... because after all, one God created us, and maybe, just maybe, He made sure we were a bit alike so we can live in a world together.

An hour passed and yet another, I sat at the couch and switched on the tv. I looked at how these people make these interesting commercials and I wonder how long it took them to make those. It must have taken them ages or maybe not. But bottom line is, I appreciate what they made and was hoping I could make one of my own.

My housemates arrived one after the other, and I was there talking to them. Some were eating while others were doing their own thing, but what amazes me is how we all get along well, even when it wasn't that long ago when we all first met. We all are from different cultures, perhaps some may have the same ones, but we are all unique individuals and it is but fantastic to see all of us harmoniously deal and enjoy each others company.

As the night got late and soon I had to take my rest, I suddenly recalled everything I saw and pictured them all in a huge painting, where in my mind, I wished I could have done. I began to realize that if only I observe keenly on the things that happen everyday, I would learn to appreciate the beauty of even the smallest things that once I thought didn't matter.

I am a fan of art; I am a practitioner of art! I guess my life mostly revolves in art, and I believe I should do "the ramble" more often to realize how artistic the world is every single day, and then, I would say: "life isn't that bad after all".