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You can use the My Career tab to help you review and summarise the skills, experience, knowledge you have developed from your studies, full time, part time or casual employment, work experience, fieldwork/ clinical placements, volunteering, vacation/ internships or other work life roles. Additionally you can add your resume or other documents you may use to market yourself.

If you are a Curtin staff member you can also use this tab to record and reflect upon the different career building activities you have engaged in, which you may wish to use when completing a WPPR or applying for a promotion.

Your entries on the My Career tab will help you tell your career story, including your motivations for having undertaken specific learning activities and roles. You may select specific entries for inclusion in other tabs of your iPortfolio, such as "My Showcases" or "My Ratings" to showcase to an employer or assessor. My Careers

Summarising and reflecting on your career building experiences will help you in:

  • Understanding your areas of strengths and competencies for further development My Careers
  • Future career planning and decision making
  • Marketing yourself for short and long term career opportunities through a job application, interview or when networking.

Visit the Curtin Careers Centre website to access the following resources:

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You can use the My Career tab to keep entries on any topic associated with your employment, work experience or career.

Click here to create an overview of your My Career tab. Write your text, and then delete all unwanted text. Save your work and then, if you wish, invite others to view or provide feedback using the tools below.

You can also create your own entries to focus on particular aspects of your employment. For more information, see Help.

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