Danelle Shaw


Madopar HBS
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Madopar HBS
Madopar HBS
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Madopar HBS Example Dosage Form

Unit: Pharmaceuticals 321
Authors: Dannelle Shaw, Hapreet Singh, and Kee Kuok Sia

Madopar HBS is indicated for the management of Parkinson's Disease

This presentation includes a discussion of Madopar HBS

  • pharmacology
  • formulation
  • drug release profile
  • pharmacokinetics
  • therapeutic aspects
  • dosage comparison
  • patient and nurse home advice

Diabetes and your feet
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Diabetes and Your Feet
Diabetes and Your Feet
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 Diabetes and Your Feet

Unit: Pharmacotherapy 325
Danelle Shaw and Anastasia Petrova

This presentation contains an overview of diabetes:

  • symptoms
  • effects
  • prevention
  • risk factors

The focus of the presentation is on foot related issues associated with diabetes. It includes:

  • self help
  • foot inspection advice for diabetics
  • where to go for more information



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