Danelle Shaw

Formulation: Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Objective: To formulate 50mL of an Anti-dandruff solution

  • Cannot use an existing formula- development of formulation methods and ability to interpret formulas.
  • Final preparation must be an OTC (over the counter) product- ability to compound pharmaceuticals.
  • Prepare a product development report.
  • Prepare an Evaluation report- examination of tests to be carried out on pharmaceuticals to ensure quality, safety and efficacy.
  • Develop a C.M.I (consumer medicines information) leaflet: what is required to be included on a C.M.I and the uniformity of C.M.I's.
  • Package and label the product for the market place: the T.G.A  requirements for the labelling of therapeutic goods.

Preparation selected: SalCoal, a non-scheduled, anti-dandruff shampoo

Photographs of the final product

The photographs below are of the final product, labelled and packaged.

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SalCoal label
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Product formulation
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Product Development Report

  • Investigation of the ingredients used in the formulation of shampoos.
  • Discussion of possible incompatibilities of ingredients.
  • Method used to prepare the formulation.
  • Calculations used to formulate the shampoo.
  • Sample label and explanation of what is included on the label.  
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Evaluation Report

  • Possible tests that can be performed to evaluate the product: Foaming properties, aesthetic properties, pH testing, specific anti-dandruff tests and in market control tests.
  • Preservation Test protocol- steps on how to perform the test for preservation.
 CMI doc
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Consumer Medicines Information Leaflet

Sample of a  C.M.I. that could be included with the product




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