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All MBA/MBL Graduate School of Business students are required to log 40 hours in their Professional Portfolio before graduation. In the table below, I record professional development activities I've completed towards meeting this requirement.

Date Activity Summary of activity
(i.e. aims/objectives, learning outcomes)


GSB Orientation

Introduction to life as student at GSB.
Learned about:

  • GSB administrative procedures,
  • technical support,
  • systems and tools available to students,
  • academic expectations and
  • familiarisation with building and resources.

3 hours

Orientation Certificate
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Business Leaders Seminar Series

Events where emerging issues in business are addressed by prominent business practitioners.
Learned about:

  • recent and cutting edge developments in business
  • people who are at the cutting edge in business
  • the importance of networking and practising it.

1 hour

Business Leaders Seminar Series
Business Leaders Seminar Series Certificate
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06/05/2009 Presenting Business Plans Attended a workshop on delivering business plans.
  • Learned about:
  • effective presentation strategies
  • using graphs and images to convey business data
3 hours
PD Presentation
This is a presentation I created to demonstrate key points learned in the workshop


MSL EndNote Training

Introduction to software designed as a referencing tool.
Learned about:

  • conventions governing data entry
  • application of Chicago author-date style
  • application in Word documents



2 hours

EndNote Training
MSL EndNote Training Certificate
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Artifact I created demonstrating referencing with EndNote





































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