Kaye Lirio

Multimedia Design 173 - Space and Time

In this unit, I learned about representing space in drawings. In particular, I learned about drawing using perspective. Some of my sketches and observations from this unit are captured below.

Perspective 1 - foreshortening
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Perspective Drawing

This drawing is an application of foreshortening and perspective drawing. The stairs are seen as being nearer to the viewer, so they are drawn bigger compared to the chairs at the back. I think foreshortening is a great way of making things appear real, as if they're not in a picture. It makes the viewer not only look at the picture but see what is really in it. It makes them stop and have a second look rather than just looking and flipping over to browse through other pictures (if the pictures were in a folio or a sketchpad). I will practice more of this to give life to my rather mostly flat drawings.

Perspective 2 - 2 Point perspective(click to enlarge)


Two Point Perspective

In this drawing,  I use  two point perspective for the staircase. I learned that in order to draw in a two point perspective, I should first imagine how it would look and then try to do some rough sketches of it. When I already have a good idea of how it will look, I can then draw my line of origin and the points and so on. In this drawing, my lines are not really straight enough, hence the slanting effect seen in the picture.  In the end,  I determined that I need more practice.

Perspective 3 - magazine drawing
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Practice using a Magazine as Reference

I used a magazine as a reference for this picture. I attempted to draw it in perspective. It made me realize that in drawing in perspective, things look more realistic and less flat. It makes everything drawn in paper and pen come to life, which is amazing! I'm loving  this topic in the whole unit curriculum and am hoping to keep drawing different things in perspective.

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