Kaye Lirio

Multimedia Design 171 - Audio and Visual

storyboard 1 - zooming
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In this storyboard, I used the idea of zooming in and then out. I used this technique to show the viewer what I am focusing on (zooming in) and then see the whole picture (zooming out). I thought it would be an effective way of conveying a message to them.

storyboard 2 - elements
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This storyboard makes use of different elements that are put together to form an object. It was inspired by a video we saw in class that showed stones that divide themselves up and gradually break a steel pale into which they are dropped.

This concept storyboard begins with many original shapes. I work with these shapes to form something new. In particular, the initial shapes come together to form a cylinder. This cylinder later breaks apart.

 Storyboard 3 - power of 10
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 Powers of 10

This storyboard is all about zooming. The view changes from a view through a window, to one of the buildings,  to a satellite view, to a person talking, to his eye and finally to the pupil of his eye.  I have used the concept discussed during class on dimensions and the "Powers of Ten". That inspired me to make this concept storyboard.

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