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profile picWelcome to the My Course tab

I am a student mechanical engineer, currently in the third year of my degree program.

As noted in the on-line handbook, Curtin's  mechanical engineering  course "addresses the conception, design, manufacture, control, maintenance and management of any system in which motion is a key feature. The system may comprise moving solid elements - components - combined to create a mechanism or machine. Alternatively, it may involve a fluid flowing within or around a solid structure."

What will you find in the My Courses tab?

In the My Course tab, you'll see examples that highlight what I've learned so far in my formal course work, and where I'm currently at on my journey towards becoming a professional mechanical engineer. I have included examples of my coursework that demonstrate what I've learned so far. In partcular, the My Course tab provides evdience of learning leading to the Stage 1 Competencies of a Professional Engineer as defined by Engineers Australia.

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