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Danelle Shaw
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pillsI am a third year STUDENT PHARMACIST.

Occupation: Pharmacy Assistant/Student
Course of study: Bachelor of Pharmacy
Expected year
of completion
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I was born in Pinjarra, and I lived in Ravenswood up until I was 10. I then moved to Halls Head, Mandurah, for one year before shifting again to Forrestfield, where I finished year 7 at Forrestfield Primary School, and year 12 at Forrestfield Senior High School.

I graduated in 2001, and was offered my first preference at Curtin University in a course other than pharmacy. I deferred the offer for one year and worked at my local pharmacy as a pharmacy assistant (see my My Employment tab).

I decided that I really did want to be a pharmacist. Following study in a related area, I became eligible to undertake the Bachelor of Pharmacy at Curtin University. After an interview with Professor Michael Garlepp, Head, School of Pharmacy, I was accepted into the course in 2007.

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My  goals are to:

  • complete the Bachelor of Pharmacy degree.
  • pass the VIVA in 2011 and become a Registered Pharmacist.
  • become a partner in a pharmacy by 2013.
  • continue to learn and gain experience to help the people in  my community.
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