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Engineer Edgar

My name is Engineer Edgar, and I am a student engineer. This is an example iPortfolio.

I am:

  • enrolled in the Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) degree
  • employed part-time at the Library as an IT officer
  • a volunteer with Curtin Volunteers!
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I grew up in rural Australia, where I came to appreciate the strong ties that rural communities have with their family and the land. Looking after the environment and the well being of myself and my local and global communities are personal priorities.

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I plan to spend a semester abroad at a sustainable power facility in the EU, while also learning a new language. Long term, I plan to go into Engineering Management, guiding sustainable engineering teams in the area of green power.  I am particularly interested in developing efficient mechanical wind-based turbines to generate electricity.

Created 13/08/2009 at 12:28:00