iPortfolio will be switched off soon

You'll no longer be able to access iPortfolio after June 30, 2018. If you've got data saved in iPortfolio, make sure you download and save it elsewhere before this date. There are many other free online tools that you can use to build your online profile and showcase your professional experience. Visit the Careers, Employment and Leadership Centre's website for resources and tips.

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  • What's an iPortfolio?
    • iPortfolio is an electronic space for Curtin staff and students to reflect on and demonstrate evidence of their learning and achievements. Organised under 7 tab areas it allows the storage and organisation of a range of pieces of evidence that draws on your experiences within and beyond the formal classroom or employment environment. You own the iPortfolio and you can add and update as you collect more evidence over the years. Best of all you can invite other people to view your iPortfolio and give you feedback. It is very different to BlackBoard as it is not tied to one unit and remains open for your use throughout your entire time at Curtin. BlackBoard is used as a lecturer controlled space to support teaching a specified unit. Many universities and other places are encouraging and using electronic portfolios. iPortfolio is Curtin's branded electronic or e portfolio.
  • I'm a student: why would I want one?
    • iPortfolio goes with you throughout your study and beyond and provides an easy place to store, share, and display great examples of your work to show evidence of your learning and achievements. In a way it replaces the filing cabinet, lever arch file or the cardboard box under the bed. It allows you to display great examples of work such as written assignments (Word documents), fieldwork excursions (MP3s), art works (photographs), scanned certificates (PDFs) etc. This professional portfolio space is easy to update and share with peers and colleagues and available once you leave Curtin. You can use it to help in getting job-ready and pulling together that all-important job application. Increasingly, lecturers are also using it for assessment tasks e.g. asking you to reflect on a workplace visit. That is an important reason to start creating an iPortfolio! Simply login to start your iPortfolio today.
  • I'm a staff member: why would I want one?
    • Any Curtin staff member is able to set up and use an iPortfolio. This provides an electronic platform to store, share and display items that make up a professional portfolio. You might want to keep copies of resources you have developed, career highlights, publications, certificates etc. It provides a place to easily sort and store these items which could be used when preparing for a job application or promotion and to reflect on your current career. You are able to share this with colleagues and seek their feedback. Even if you change jobs in Curtin you can still build on your one iPortfolio. Some teaching staff will also want to use iPortfolio for teaching - see next section. Simply login to start your iPortfolio today.
  • I'm teaching: how would I use it?
    • iPortfolio can be used in many different ways with your students. You can use it as a reflective place for students to provide their insight on a fieldwork experience. You can use it to get to know your students thorough the About Me tab. You can ask students to put their best examples of work up on My Showcase and invite you to view this. You can form small collaborative groups and ask students to give feedback to each other. There are many innovative ways iPortfolio can be used. We are developing another on-line space which is dedicated to sharing information and ideas for lecturers wanting to embed iPortfolio in their units. Go to Teaching with iPortfolio to find out more. There are also a few short 'how to videos' (PDFs included as well) to get you going.
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Current News

iPortfolio will be decommissioned soon

The iPortfolio system will be retired on 30 June 2018. Students will be advised that if they have data saved in iPortfolio, they should download and save it elsewhere before this date.
Curtin’s iPortfolio, a custom built ‘e-Portfolio’ solution, was developed by CITS for Curtin Learning and Teaching (CLT) and launched in 2009. Since then, many commercial products have entered the market, and several faculties have adopted these as more fit for their purposes. Curtin’s iPortfolio uses an unsupported technology, so CITS, in consultation with CLT, has decided to decommission it.
Please contact Adrian Wood, Manager - Application Services on x4174 if you would like to know more.
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